What is website hosting? And who is the best?

The big question “What is website hosting” answered. Choosing the best website hosting for your wordpress website is imperative when your a tradesman. It can often be very confusing if your not tech savy with many asking themselves the question “what is website hosting”. 

The answer to the question is simple. What is website hosting? Well… put simply it’s a provider that keeps your website on the internet, ready to serve your customer 24/7. For tradesman a good provider such as Siteground will also offer domain names, online security and lots of other features to keep your website running.

There is alot to consider when choosing the best wordpress website hosting for your tradesman website…especially when most providers offer different services, and often without a domain name. This just gives you the hassle of linking your domain name to your hosting. 

With Siteground you will no longer ask yourself, what is website hosting, its simple to use and very straight forward. Their interface is super easy to navigate, there’s lots of tips and hints on their site and their customer service is available 24/7.

Here’s some things to consider when looking for the best wordpress website hosting:

  • Is it easy to use AND install wordpress?
  • Does the hosting provider supply domain names also?
  • Is the hosting reliable?

I’d say these three factors we’re the most important for a tradesman when looking to build a wordpress website using the easiest and best methods. Other things to consider include price and performance ie does your website load fast? 

Taking the above into account, finding the best wordpress website hosting for tradesman, really depends on the level of understanding of that particular individual. Alot of newcomers to wordpress ask such questions like, what is website hosting? Who offers the best website hosting? 

With a small amount of reading you can literally build a wordpress website in just a few days.

The truth is, building a wordpress website can be as easy or as hard as someone wants to make it. Thankfully for tradesmen, wordpress offers the best range of ready made tradesman websites than can be edited with ease and put onto your hosting in minutes. Aslong as you have half an idea of what website hosting is and your ok typing into a word document, your website will be a breeze to create.

Wordpress website hosting

Many ask the question, What is website hosting by Siteground like? SiteGround wordpress website hosting is one of the best website hosting providers for tradesmen. Not only does siteground offer specialised wordpress website hosting, it also offers domain names and is unbelievably easy to set-up and navigate. 

Thanks to being a wordpress hosting specialist, you can literally have your wordpress installed with a single click. All you have to do to get your tradesman website set up from this point, is choose one of the hundreds of website templates and edit to suit your tradesman theme better. 

Keep reading to unlock the true value of choosing Siteground for your wordpress based tradesman website.

Top 3 reasons to choose SiteGround's wordpress website hosting

Best website hosting price - upto 80% off as a new customer!

SiteGround’s wordpress website hosting is unbelievable value for money offering tradesman affordable, comprehensive packages that can cater for everything you could possibly need. From simple tradesman website hosting upto large scale wordpress website hosting. 

SiteGround can easily cover all wordpress hosting needs required by a tradesman. In terms of price, SiteGround is one of the most competitive wordpress website hosting providers on the internet. And the best part about buying a package with Siteground website hosting, is that you can start with a small tradesman website hosting package and increase your services as and when needed. 

You can also downgrade wordpress hosting if you’ve chosen too big of a hosting package. SiteGround research shows a 99.7% happiness rate for their recent survey on current and past customers which gives a good indication of overall service received by customers. New customers save upto 80% discount for their first year of wordpress hosting!

WordPress website hosting reliability

The reliability of SiteGround’s wordpress website hosting is second to none. Their website boasts a near perfect uptime score for the past 24 months and in terms of service received by customers, I think the 99.7% happiness score says it all. Please see below just some of the reasons to choose Siteground for your tradesman themed wordpress website. Choose Siteground for reliable wordpress hosting!

  • 99.99% uptime record for the last two years!
  • Superfast website loading
  • Very fast server
  • Officially recommended by wordpress!!!
  • Over 2,000,000 hosting customers with a review score of 99.7%
Its safe to say that if you choose Siteground for your tradesman website hosting, you’ll recieve a very secure, reliable service that won’t cost the earth and for the first year you’ll save a whopping 80% off your wordpress website hosting package. The customer support is also world class, with online live chat available 24/7 along with email and telephone support!

Siteground hosting performance - What is website hosting like?

SiteGround hosting performance is probably the fastest available online since doing recent speed updates. These recent updates make site loading both faster and smoother, not that it was needed! This is just their way of showing themselves to be the major player for wordpress website hosting. Not many hosting company’s out there are actually recommended by WordPress!!

SiteGround have also made upgrades to wordpress tools, lots of optimizations and various enhancements to the hosting service on offer. When it comes to site loading speed, Siteground are in a realm of their own with ultrafast load speeds and server capabilities. 

Naturally speeds vary depending on country of use but from my experience of using Sitegrounds “grow big” package, I can honestly say load speeds are brilliant in the UK and even faster in other countries. And I can gladly say I have never had a site down or load slow and each one I have done over the last year has had a load time way…. wayyy under the 2 second load time that we should all aim to be under.

What is website hosting?

Hopefully you have an idea of the answer to the question what is website hosting. Between this blog and by visiting Siteground you can get a good idea of wordpress website hosting pretty fast. If you still have questions such as what is website hosting feel free to drop me a line or better still if your considering SiteGround wordpress website hosting. Test their customer service, they’ve always served me well.

What is the best website hosting?

One of the more difficult questions to answer as the answer is quite complex, what is the best website hosting? Well, when you look at the complete overview of providers and what they offer the short answer (for me) would be SiteGround. If your a novice and own a small business SiteGround gets my vote. Its super easy to use, fast and secure, price is very good value and they also provide domains.