Simple ways to win more work as a tradesman

Win more work like a pro!

Win more work

Winning more work is a goal we all strive to achieve and the want to win more work will depend on you as a small business owner.

Results solely depend on the effort you put into winning more work. The more effort you put in the better your results will. Delivering your quotes like a professional will stand you well on your way to gaining more customers and winning more work. In this article we’ll look at simple methods of improving your chances for winning every job you quote.

To break this down and help improve your chances we need to look at the reasons a customer will choose a certain tradesman over another. First thing we need to look at is how to stand out from the crowd and be different.

You dont want to blend in with your competitors and other businesses that may be quoting for the same job.

# Rule number one to win more work: STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

Theres several ways to win more tradesman work. When helping your customer understand why you are the best person for the job you need to answer questions in their minds without them having to openly ask you.

Some people simply wont ask you questions, so the idea is to be informative but not go into so much detail you have them falling asleep. Friendly and professional is the way forward.

Tradesman tips for winning more work!

⦁ Turn up on time and be prepared to deliver your quote and win the work you want

⦁ Go over important information like timescales, payments and be flexible to accomodate your customer with possible dates

⦁ Explain quantities of materials and costs and offer to supply materials at a discount if you can

⦁ Show your trustworthy and offer references, show insurance documents and always leave a card

⦁ If you have a website, let your customer know you have one so they can view some of your previous jobs

⦁ Explain your experience and your usual type of work

⦁ Be professional but also go indepth as to why you have arrived at the price you have the easiest way to do this is by using timescales and explain work envolved

⦁ Explain parts of the job the customer may not have thought of, for example if your fitting a bathroom advise of times the toilet may not be in use

⦁ Speak in a friendly and open manner where the customer feels 100% comfortable asking you questions. Be sure to ask the customer at the end if theres anything theyd like to ask you.

⦁ Offer your customer a date thats not too close to the date you quote this could be a red flag. Good tradesman are not usually availabe at short notice

⦁ Give your customer a written quotation so they have something to look at when youve left. If you have delivered your quote and followed the above steps you should have no worries of your customer going elsewhere. If you have delivered your quote correctly then the price is irrelavant. They like you!

⦁ Be confident in when delivering your price and be sure to put a timescale to it and explain any complex parts of the job

⦁ On leaving your customer to ponder your quote. Ask if they have any questions and if the answer is no then do inform your customer to give you a call if they have any questions at a later date.

By the time you have used the above steps and got to the end of your quotation there will be small signs to pick up on to see if you have achieved your goal of winning more work.

If a customer asks you one question then this is a positive sign, if they ask you two questions or more.

Then you possibly havent quite delivered however if this happens then its time to turn this situtation around and save the day. Spend a further ten minutes to explain each question in a friendly manner (the fact they’ve asked means they are still interested).

Answering questions

Positive questions are along the lines of booking dates and availability. With this type of question your likely around 90% of the way there to winning that job.

The other 10% just needs a little nudge. If you offer a date 4 weeks from the time of quoting and your customer needs the job done in 3 weeks time, be flexible. Tell them you can accomadate by working a weekend or spreading the 2 day job across 3 days for example.

This kind of offer to a customer shows them you want the job and are willing to cater to their needs. Dont be desperate but do be flexible sometimes it can be the difference between getting the job or not. And the best part is that you’ll get positive word of mouth referrals when talking to friends and family.

Your aim is to be known as professional, friendly, accomodating and ultimately a good tradesman.

Determine your customer needs and win more work!

The quickest way to determine your customer needs on first contact is to ask whats called open questions. These are questions that are frequently used in professional sales roles where the answer to the question cant be the word yes or no (closed questions). Open questions can be quickly categorized as the following:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

Good examples of the above for a tradesman would be along the lines of “When were you looking to have the work completed”. Not only does this one simple question give you an idea of the timescale theyre looking at.

It can also lead in to other conversations such as “well im on holiday in cyprus next week” in which you may be able to say “Ive been there and i really enjoyed it, we went to ……..”.

By using open questions you can have a friendly conversation with your customer while following your main goal to win more work. If you customer enjoys talking about their dog for example then participate and dont be scared to share the same passion.

Other good questions can be along the lines of “What kind of kitchen flooring have you been looking at”. If you get an answer such as “Oh ive looked at real wood”. Knowing your potential customer has decided on a flooring type that is unsuitable its time to prove why they should choose you for the job.

Kindly explain that real wood is unsuitable in the kitchen, the reasons why and the consequences of putting real wood flooring in a kitchen area. This next part is where you show your indepth knowledge.

Explain about engineered real wood and why that IS suitable and also explain laminate alternatives that look very true to nature or better still, send them to a flooring store you use where a named sales person can help the customer choose. If you have time offer to go with them!

Closed questions are best used at the very end of delivering your quote.

A closed question is one that is generally answered with a yes or no.

When you’ve spent time with your customer, established their needs and priced accordingly the time has come to used a closed question to hopefully seal the deal and win that work.

Using a question like “would you like to book that work in now”. If the answer is yes than great, if its a “I’ll let you know” kind of answer its not the end of the world.

Politely tell your customer they can give you a call if they have any questions after you’ve left or if they want to book the work in at a later.

Sometimes especially with a couple they may want a day or two just to discuss what your offering. If your answer was a flat no then don’t be disappointed, winning work is something that takes time to hone.

If you get a flat rejection then you’ve not delivered accordingly to your potential customer expectations. If the answer is a flat no and you have no idea what you’ve done wrong ask the customer for feedback in a polite manner.

Explain you want to improve your pitch to your customers and ask if there’s anything you can improve on or was there something you didnt cover.

When you follow the tips above you should most of time achieve your goal of winning more work. In the modern world you need to be yoour own travelling salesman. That means getting a feel for what your customer needs and delivering it in a professional and friendly manner.

If you turn up late and not prepared then the customer already has a negative opinion of your work even if your the most skillfull tradesman in the world.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to win more tradesman work!