Free graphic design for tradesmen business cards

Free graphic design templates for tradesmen!

Free design templates for printing products is standard with most companies these days.
It has never been easier for tradesmen to design business cards, flyers, logo’s or even websites thanks to free wysiwyg software that’s on offer by most.

Not only do these free tools help you mock up flyers free design templates in seconds it also allows you to build a tradesman website in minutes.

In the modern world there’s no need for a tradesman to hire expensive graphic designers when you can have a 100% free design service……By simply doing it yourself! It could not be easier!

Free graphic design for tradesmen

Most tradesmen don’t realise that you can get free design services for all kinds of printed products. Below is a list of just some of the free design templates you can edit yourself completely free of charge: Free design for print has never been easier!

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Compliment slips
  • Posters
  • Invoices
  • Notepads
  • Labels and envelopes
  • Promotional material

As a tradesman its important to know what you have to pay for (running costs) and what you can do yourself for free. With the help of free design templates, most of your branded print products can be designed in seconds. 

It’s literally as easy as choosing a design and making small changes to suit your trade. Its actually never been easier for a tradesmen to take advantage of free design services. For most, its as easy as loading a logo onto a current design and filling in the company info, and that’s it!

Try Vistaprint for your free graphic design services!

Free business card design template

Free business card design templates for tradesmen are very easy to mock up. Thanks to vistaprint’s ready made free design templates, you can simply search for your chosen trade or browse through all of the free ready made business card designs and edit to suit. 

These free business card designs could not be any easier to design. Simply pick your free tradesman style business card design, edit and order! Vistaprint also saves your chosen free tradesmen style business card for the next time you need it.

The vistaprint website also shows you examples of your free design template on other literature and products such as flyers, or invoices and pretty much anything else you may need.

Free graphic design = Free tradesman poster designs!

Free poster design templates for tradesmen, are in abundance with vistaprint. Its as easy as selecting your free graphic design from the poster collection, tweak and order! Very similar to the free tradesmen style business card designs, there’s hundreds of free poster designs to choose from. And all completely free. 

You can have your free design template edited in minutes. The hardest part is choosing your free graphic design templateas the choice available is staggering. The rest is as simple as sending a short email! 

You’ll also notice that vistaprint automatically puts your chosen free graphic design on other print products you may be interested and you can even carry your theme onto your very own tradesman website. 

Ready made flyers with a free graphic design service!

Free flyer design templates is not normally something on offer from other graphic design companies. However, thanks to vistaprint’s free tradesman style poster designs you can get your free flyers designed in seconds…. and completely free. 

Similar to other free graphic design services on vistaprint. You simply choose your free poster design template, input your details and your done! Your free tradesmen posters are now designed. 

If you prefer a more individual tradesman style poster design, you can change pretty much everything on the poster, from colours and fonts, to photos and graphics. And if you want a 100% unique poster design for free. You can simply start from scratch and slowly design you free tradesman style poster.

Free graphic design services - checklist for tradesmen!

The above checklist is the bare minimum for a tradesman to have a professesional business image. With online advertising becoming increasing popular sometimes even free graphic design services are completely overlooked. For tradesmen in particular, it’s important to have a careful balance of advertising not forgetting print. See my top tips below.

free graphic design for tradesmen

Free graphic design for tradesmen - Use it!

As a tradesmen you can’t rely solely on free print and design types of advertising just like you cant rely on online advertising only. As a local tradesman you need to be seen as exactly that…. local. Top tips below are for print advertising, saying as thats the part we most often overlook.

  • Use free design services.
  • Take advantage of free design templates.
  • Don’t pay for graphic design when you can get free graphic designs and diy.
  • Always leave a business card or 2 with every customer you work for.
  • Deliver flyers in your local area and don’t forget estate agents!
  • Put flyers and small posters in shop windows.
  • Target houses that have recently sold and deliver a business card and/or flyer.
  • Attend local networking events and hand out business cards.
  • Local newspaper adverts, they still work!
  • Leave cards and flyers in trade shops and get to know the manager. For example If your a tiler, offer your skills free to do some display work for tile shops.

Use free... AND paid tradesman advertising!

When it comes to winning work as a tradesman there’s no exact science, but one thing is for sure is that to be successful you need to think outside of the box, take advantage of anything free in terms of graphic design and print, and also compliment your advertising campaign with some forms of paid advertising. 

Alot is trial and error. However, if you start with free forms of advertising first, you can slowly build your way to gaining regular work with a combination of free adverts, free graphic design and print, paid adverts, and online advertising. 

If your a tradesman who is new to self employment, please see my stepped process below to help you on your way. Taking into account all of the above with regards to free design templates for tradesmen, I also suggest following the process below to boost your online presence.

  • Get hosting and a domain name for your free wordpress website. Or if you want something simple with a monthly payment try vistaprint.
  • Add a gallery to your free tradesman website not forgetting to add job descriptions, image tags and reviews from your customers
  • Ensure your free tradesman website has a contact form and ALL of your contact info is available so thats email and phone numbers along with contact names
  • Add customer friendly features to your website. If you offer free estimates have an online calender for customers to book up. (This can be times to suit yourself)
  •  Link your website with social networks and have business pages for each. With wordpress these incons are built into most free website templates.
  • When your free tradesman website is complete, add your site to free online directories, this takes time but is worth the effort for a brand new tradesman website.
  • Join forums and post advice when applicable, after some initial posts you can start adding a link in your signature.
  • Add new content on your website once a week along with sharing on social media and encourage friends and family to do the same.
  • Have a small budget for paid advertising and try facebook adverts and google’s ppc to ensure you get some clicks.
  • Start a blog on your free tradesman website and regularly write blog posts about your trade to 1. show your customers you know your stuff and 2. help visitors to your website who may be looking for advice on a subject you’ve covered.
  • Lastly consider joining paid tradesmen websites although this can sometimes get you into a price war and as a professional you dont want to be halfing your income to “win work” its much better for yourself as a tradesman to have a rate you work for, and for the skills you posses. A good tradesman will never get into a price war, know your worth!