How to build a smart home network

Building a smart home

building a smart home

In a world where everything is built for convenience, building a smart home is the quickest and easiest way to live in modern society.

Gone are the days where you walk around the house turning off lights in every room, or asking each member of the household who had the remote control last or even walking through the kitchen to turn the heating up.

Smart homes are the new way to live, its fast, its convenient and to a certain extent its pretty impressive adding a bit of fun to boring menial tasks… you more time to simply relax.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are residences that use internet connected devices to control things like light, heating, home security, appliances and much more!

Simple tasks can now be controlled remotely and the results are a hassle free home leaving you more valuable time to spend with loved ones.

If your just starting out in transforming your home into a smart home then its best to do it slowly overtime, adding one function at a time so you can master your very own smart home network.

Overloading yourself with too many functions and apps all at once can quickly become confusing so starting with something like your lights and heating for example means you can slowly build your smart home step by step learning as you go.

Compare your smart home project to building a house, it takes time and its best done step by step and not all at once.

Build a smart home the easy way

As our smart home devices and apps evolve, enventually you’ll be able to connect all devices and apps seamlessly and control them all be one simple interface.

For now though, its a careful process in which you build your smart home ensuring each device can connect with one another and adding a home function in an orderly manner.

Its best to start with something that simply takes too much out of your day, like turning the lights out ten times a day because the kids haven’t quite mastered the off switch yet.

Second popular function is likely to be your heating, controlling your heating on those cold winter mornings could really make your monday that little bit less painful.

In reality you can make your smart home as simple or as complex as you’d like however, giving that these functions are here to make things easier its best to not get too carried away just yet. 

There’s a lot of compatibility issues that can arise if you go out their buying everything then realising only some devices connect and work together. 

If your priority is security then focus your time on just that and keep things simple if its just lights you want to control then one simple home system is all you need.

Next generation smart homes

Some smart homes in developed countries show off some of the most futuristic smart functions in the world however the cost right now means those homes simply aren’t accessible for everyone.

The perfect example of this would be the home of Bill Gates at Lake Washington USA. This house really is one of the most technological advanced properties on the planet!

The Gates household has your typical mansion features such as heated floors, multiple drives and gardens but its the smart tech that really makes this property stand out from the crowd.

Walls throughout the house are covered with digital display panels that are activated by pins worn by the household members.

This one off technology is programmed with everyone’s preferences of music, heating temperatures, light settings and much more! Other features include automatic room sensors that recognises a person entering the room and automatically adjusts the room to that persons preferences.

The floor even weighs you as you walk to confirm you are who the system thinks you are (how’s that for security!) If you like to listen to music when visiting the Gates family you will love the speakers hidden in the walls these hidden speakers will follow you from room to room playing your favourite classics and you go about your day.

There’s even under water speakers in the pool to create a more relaxing swimming experience.

Get a smart garden

At the gates residence you’ll even find a smart garden system. This computerized gardening system constantly monitors the water content surrounding trees and shrubs and simply waters them externally to keep soil at the optimum level for tree growth.

 Creating such an advanced system means that trees are kept in tip top condition and will flourish to their maximum potential. Despite the size of Washington mansion and the sheer amount of tech used, the house itself is relatively echo friendly, cleverly surrounded by trees to reduce heat loss from the home.

Smart home summary

We all want convenience, easy and hassle free. With smart home tech you can simplify your homely chores even down to robotic hoovers doing the cleaning while you work.

With this in mind however some knowledge is required to set up a large network so although its tempting to go all out with smart home tech its probably best to look at your smart home as a long term project, adding functions as you learn about what it takes to achieve your end goal.

With so many devices and apps available, its best to plan in advance, do some research or get help from someone that has experience of creating a smart home.

At some point in the future this technology will likely become very simple to use with just one panel to control almost everything but until then we will have to just have fun building our smart home network with a grow it as you go method.