Try the best internet advertising and online ads for tradesmen

Best online advertising that doesn't break the bank!

Internet advertising, online advertising & online ads

Finding the best online advertising for tradesmen can be a difficult task… especially when you have a tight budget to work with. In this article we’ll take a look at the best (and most cost effective) internet advertising. 

This includes online advertising, website advertising internet advertising and online ads.

To maximise your exposure, as a tradesman you should always look for relevant ways to advertise online.

To increase your chances of success you should conduct your internet advertising in a way that targets your audience with precision.

For example, if you plan on having online ads on a directory, DONT USE A GENERAL DIRECTORY.

By using a targeted method you will have much more success in internet advertising by having online ads in tradesman directory websites. With this method of online advertising you’ll quickly realise that less is more.

The way to look at this type of internet advertising is that your deliberately putting yourself in the exact place your customers expect to find you.

Best online ads for trades

Taking everything into account, we’ve compiled a list of the best (and most cost effective) forms of online advertising for tradesmen. But before we get to that list, please checkout the short list below of free online advertising methods below.

  • Write a blog on your website
  • Regularly update your website with job pictures
  • Share everything on social media
  • Boost your business media pages with a large audience
  • Join google my business
  • Add your site to free directorys
  • Join and participate on a forum
  • Use flyers and posters (read more on free print)

Get website advertising!

It’s important to keep your website upto date and fresh. 
This means updating your site regularly with jobs you’ve done and sharing your pictures on social media channels and boosting your wider network.

Remember… your website is your shop window. In a digital world, your website is a representation of your business. If it looks outdated and unloved, your visitors may think your the kind of tradesman that doesnt care about the business.

On the flipside dont update it daily, your too busy for that, an update every week or so is enough.

Low cost internet advertising

For low cost advert’s we tested a gumtree advert for decorating services and the results were a pleasant suprise. For a cost of £7.99 the advert generated 8 responses which in the grand scheme of things is very, very good for the outlay. Of the enquiries two was for full house redecoration.

Free online ads

We tested online ads on over 30 directory websites and there was one clear winner when it came to return on investment.

This directory created an average of 12 house removal jobs (not leads) per month, over a period of 6 months and it was free!

Cylex let’s you bid on jobs in your region free of charge (no fee’s not catches) so if your proactive and respond promptly you will without a doubt get a good amount of jobs and without spending a penny. Take some time to work on your cylex profile as it will act as your online ad should a customer contact you direct.

Hire an seo pro

When it comes to online advertising or internet advertising, hiring an seo pro is absolutely the way forward.

An seo professional is a website wizard who makes lots of small website improvements to help your website appear higher up on google searches. 

Although it may appear something you don’t need the truth is actually the exact opposite.

With a small regular campaign you can outrank your local competitors and stay near the top for local google searches. Seo professionals can also help you write high ranking blog posts and also take care of online ads and google ppc campaigns.

Try Google ppc and facebook advertising

By having a google or facebook online ad campaign you are literally garaunteeing your website visits or phone calls from your potential customers. While its not wise to go out and spend hundreds of online ads.

Having a small regular campaign in a controlled manner can bring in steady enquiries at a rate you can handle as a tradesman.

If you have taken in all of the above we have a recomendation to increase your work load at a steady pace and build the base for a long term improvement of your tradesman business.

Just to recap on internet advertising, online advertising and online ads. Taking all of the above into account here’s some top tips to boost your business to the max:

Just to recap on internet advertising, online advertising and online ads. Taking all of the above into account here’s some top tips to boost your business to the max:

1) Google ppc/facebook regular monthly campaign = £50
2) Hire an seo pro for a small monthly seo campaign = £50
3) Gumtree advert = £7.99
4) Put posters in shop windows, cafes and local businesses = £10
5) Post flyers in your local area once a month = £10
6) Join cylex its free!
7) Join as many free directories as possible including Google My Business
8) Build a big following on social media (add people) and share your work
9) Positively comment on other trades work, they could drop you a message some time
10) Spend an hour or two every month to add job pics and descriptions to your website gallery

Following the above internet advertising techniques will without a doubt improve your job rate and keep a steady stream of enquiries coming your way.

Its still a good idea to use print advertising techniques for local campaigns also, as this puts your business in front of your audience without having to compete with hundreds of similar companys.

Its always good to stay in the minds of your customers so a combination of online ads and printed literature will always work well for your local business. Think of each flyer posted or each poster in a window, as a way to jog the memory of your potential clients. Your here and ready for business!

Taking into account online ads and online advertising:

  • Join a forum and participate
  • Attend local networking events (take business cards)
  • Build bridges with tradesman stores and builders merchants
  • Try email campaigns to win contract work (hire an seo professional)
  • Sponsor your local childrens football team and gain exposure on their website
  • Hand out flyers and business cards to local estate agents
  • Advertise on NHS intranet if you have family/friends who work for the health service