Free tradesman website template with wordpress

The best way to build your free tradesman website!

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Free tradesman website? Yes please!

Anyone reading about free tradesman website’s will know that there’s alot of false claims, rip offs and quite frankly garbish online.

In life we must be sceptical of the word free. There’s often a catch or clause especially with free tradesman website offers.

You’ve no doubt come across hidden charges and hidden fees. Really, most companies out there are simply SELLING a website or service.

In this article you’ll learn how to build your tradesman website completely free of charge with ZERO COST and i’ll also explain the costs you do need to consider ie your “running costs” of keeping your free tradesman website online and onshow for your customers to view.

Free WordPress = Free tradesman website

WordPress is the perfect choice for building a free tradesman website. As the software is 100% free, its no wonder over half of all websites are powered by wordpress from small time handymen to large corporations.

WordPress offers free tradesmen website templates and hundreds of other free templates and widgets. The free tradesmen themed website templates are so easy to edit that anyone can build a free wordpress website with no experience at all.

Obviously there are some things to consider however, if you choose a tradesman web template thats already close to what you require, you can save some time editing and changing things. During this post, we’ll look at some of the best free website templates for tradesmen.

Hosting and tradesmen domain name

Before building your free tradesmen website, you need to choose a catchy name for your business website and arrange your hosting, thankfully you can go with siteground hosting that also provides domain names. And because they’re a recognised wordpress partner, you can install wordpress in just one click.

If you are a complete novice, wordpress is free software that provides free website templates and all you need to do is purchase a domain name for your site and get a provider to keep your website online …. short answer?…. Siteground. It’s easy, reliable, very well priced and the set-up couldnt be simpler. 

Top 3 free website template's for tradesmen!

Builders light is a free wordpress template specifically designed for builders, construction workers and tradesmen. This free tradesman website template is ready made and easy to edit thanks to the power of wordpress.

Property builder web template is super responsive and packed with free tradesman features. This free wordpress template is straight forward, easy edit website that can be quickly tailored to any trade.

Epic construction is another brilliant option for any tradesman. This free wordpress template like the two above offers great in built features, is excellent on all devices and can easily be tweaked to suit any trade. 

Top Tip: Be sure to add example content to your template to make designing your tradesman website that bit easier!

Pick your free tradesman website template with wordpress

Other than the free tradesman website templates above. There is also trade spefic website templates… again free. So no matter what your trade is, there’s a free wordpress template for you. You can either choose a universal template like the ones above. Or choose one that matches your trade exact. The best part is, these ready made free tradesman website’s are jam packed with all sorts of free features. These free website features include auto-responders, built in appointment booking aswell as contact pages and famous free widgets like elementor. 

Free wordpress website template's for tradesmen - Recap

  • Pick your domain name and hosting – Siteground can supply both
  • Load wordpress onto siteground – One click installation
  • Add new template (search for your tradesman style site)
  • Edit your site content and add business information
  • Share your new tradesmen website with the world. Don’t forget to share your new website on social media!