Discover the new floor tile layouts of 2022!

New floor tile layouts of 2022 - The possibilities are endless!

Latest floor tile layouts of this year!

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to new floor tile layouts of 2022? This new floor tile guide will walk you through the latest trends of the past year. And the newest floor tile layouts of 2022 so far.

By the time you finish reading this post about the new floor tile layouts of 2022, you’ll be jam packed with inspiration and ready to lay your floor tiles in style.

With so many different floor tile layouts to choose from, this guide is aimed at helping those who want something different, something jazzy or for those who are simply overwelmed with the shear amount of new floor tile layouts available.

Throughout this post I will try to make it is as easy as possible to help you get that little bit closer to choosing your new floor tile layout. I’ll use everything I have to break it down as best I can. and if you get to end and have any questions. Feel free to contact me, I’d be more than happy to help!

When choosing your new floor tile layout in 2022, there are things to consider before choosing your new layout and tiling your floor. Some things to think about include the size of the room, shape and what the room is used for.

New floor tile layouts in 2022

Other factors when choosing a new floor tile layout may be:

1) The material of the tiles your using (ceramics will always be cheaper)
2) The cost of the new tile layout you choose (more complex = more money)

To expand on the above, ceramic tiles are cheaper lay (and buy) than all other tiles because they are easier to cut and are alot lighter to work with than say porcelain or stone.

When it comes to difficult or new tile layouts, the more complex you go, the more time it will take the tiler to do, which in turn = more cost. For example, Laying floor tiles in a random wood design is relatively easy. But if you wanted a tile layout where the wood planks were running on a 45 degree angle across the floor then you will pay more. And you will definately use more tiles with this design (15-20% tile wastage).

Before we get to our shortlist of the New floor layouts of 2022. First we’ll take a quick look at the different tile materials. This just as important if not more so than the layout of your floor tiles. Getting it right first time is exactly what we all want when taking on home improvements.

Choose your new tiles carefully!

The list below decribes the different types of floor tiles and the pros and cons:

⦁ Ceramic floor tiles
⦁ Porcelain
⦁ Slate
⦁ Travertine
⦁ Marble
⦁ Terracotta
⦁ Granite
⦁ Quartz

Ceramic floor tiles:
By far the most cost effective floor tile solution. Easy to install, maintain and clean. Ceramic floor tiles also offer a stain resistant option, often coming with matching wall tiles to transform your kitchen or bathroom. On the flip side, most ceramic floor tiles are unsuitable for underfloor heating.

Porcelain floor tiles:
Porcelain floor tiles are very strong and durable by nature and also perfect for underfloor heating. Porcelain floor tiles conduct heat very well and do not break easily, but do note some are difficult to cut and some polished floor tiles require sealing!

Slate floor tiles:
Adding a bit of character with slate is very straight forward. Slate floor tiles can be a standard charcoal, or indian style with orange and black or even oyster slate which comes with a mix of all colours of the rainbow. Slate tiles are a fantastic choice however they do need to be sealed.

Travertine floor tiles:
Travertine floor tiles mainly come in two different variations. Blue travertine and the standard cream coloured travertine which is the most widely used. Travertine is a sedimentary rock similar to limestone and the standard travertine has wonderful tones of cream and beige with each tile being completely different. Altough travertine is a natural stone, it is relatively soft when compared to granite.

Marble floor tiles:
Marble floor tiles are unbelievably tough and have natural charm. Coming in a range of colours, marble is a strong and striking choice for any floor with the famous italian carrera style being a popular choice for walls and floors. Marble is a good choice for underfloor heating but the possible downsides are the high cost and the need for sealing.

Terracotta floor tiles:
Terracotta floor tiles have been used around the world for indoor and outdoor tile areas. Terracotta is relatively inexpensive and offers a very durable floor created to last the test of time. While terracotta is not as popular as it used to be, these tiles are still popular for outdoor areas. The slight down side is that terracotta tiles come in limited colours and designs with more turning to porcelain and stone to achieve a more attractive feature floor.

Granite floor tiles:
Granite floor tiles are amongst the strongest type of floor tiles. Ideal for high traffic areas granite is extremely durable mainly coming as a flat black colour or black and grey speckle. Although granite is a great option for your floor, granite floor tiles are high in cost and hard to cut and install. On the whole the pro’s outweigh the con’s offering a pretty ever last solution to your floor tile needs.

Quartz floor tiles:
Quartz floor tiles is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a strong and dazzling floor. Quartz floor tiles come in a variety colours often with most selecting a black tile with mirror sparkle to compliment downward spot lights in kitchens and bathrooms. Often reffered to as a disco style floor, quartz tiles are very strong and make a great feature floor. Due to the process of creating quartz floor tiles they are high in cost and do usually require sealing.

Limestone floor tiles:
Limestone floor tiles offer subtle natural variations and often in a very neutral soft cream colour. Similar to travertine, limestone is a natural stone formed over thousands of years and is a very safe option for a natural looking room. Limestone floor tiles come in a variety of sizes with each floor looking completely individual. However they do require sealing and re-sealing at semi-regular intervals depending on the type of traffic your floor receives.

The up and coming tile styles of 2022

Herringbone floor tile layouts:

Herringbone floor tile layouts is a trend that is very much coming back in 2022. A design typically associated with the good old days of parquet flooring herringbone floor layouts are very much back in fashion. From traditional oak style herringbone layouts the floor tile options are pretty much endless. Some choose a white varnished oak colours, blue wood variations or even a 60x30cm porcelain tile in colours such as cream, black and white. Choosing a herringbone layout often creates space in areas such as hallways but you can lay any rectangular tile in a herringbone layout. Small herringbone floor tile layouts work great in areas like porches and small bathrooms.

Mosaic feature floor tile layouts:

Mosaic floor tiles layouts can come in many designs. Some opt for a simple mosaic feature central to your floor and others use stone or porcelain mosaics to create a perimeter feature. Some porcelain floor tiles come with matching mosaics suitable for use on the floor. Another popular option is to go for a natural stone floor tile like travertine and use a matching or contrasting (most popular) mosaic to create a great floor feature. Keyline boarders with mosaics work particularly well when using a relatively plain floor tile as it creates a focal point. Another popular option is have mosaics going down walls and continuing down your tiled bath panel.

Random plank floor tile layouts:

Random plank floor tile layouts create a natural looking floor that captures the eye and exagerates space. Exactly as described this wooden design goes down in a random fashion making sure grout lines don’t marry up when looking at your floor. Wooden plank style floor tiles are becoming increasing popular due to slick modern designs that replicate natural wood with ease. Most wood style planks have a excellent grain replication and offer excellent slip resistance. Random plank floor tile layouts work particularly well in hallways and rectangular rooms and if you really want to be creative this design also works well on a diagonal across relatively square rooms.

Diamond style floor tile layouts:

Diamond floor tile layouts are complex to install but look very trendy and different from the norm. Not only is it a very unique way of installing floor tiles you can mix and match your colours. Some choices include a standard black and white and another option is to have a range of three or four colours and install the floor tiles in a systamtic way. You could however choose a floor tile that comes in a range of colours and lay each colour in a random manner. The diamond floor tile layout is one that will give your tiler a headache but is worth the effort if you want a tile layout that’s different, unique and a great feature in your home. You can also combine your diamond floor tile layout with a mosaic border which is a popular option in architectual buildings and museums.

Newest floor layouts of 2022 Re-cap

Thankfully when choosing a new floor tile layout in 2022 the options with tiles are almost limitless. From victorian tile styles to herringbone floor layouts, these days you can pretty much do anything you want with colours, layouts and features. Aslong as you have a skilled tiler to assist you with choosing a layout that works you’ll enjoy the versatility and creativity of a stylish tiled floor space. The most important factor when designing a floor is to have a highly skilled tiler to install your floor tiles. If your tile installer doesn’t seem keen on fitting herringbone floor tiles then he or she is probably not the best person for your job.

Last but not least - Thank you!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about new tile layouts in 2022. If you have any questions or need help please reach out and contact me I’d be happy to help. If you found this article helpfull feel free to link to this article on social media.