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Maria Dickinson

After alot of research and reading several bloggs, I decided to give wordpress a try and was pleasantly suprised. For what our company required it was very straight forward and I manage it myself on a daily basis. To design the site it cost nothing at all, as we used a free builder template that was the right fit for our business.

Maria Dickinson Sales manager
Chris Kelly

Used siteground for my wordpress website. Was straight forward to set-up, wordpress took 5 minutes to set up so couldn't of been easier on that one. Took a while to find the right template but when I did it was very easy to edit and 99% of what I needed was already built into the template. Will be sure to use wordpress again in future.

Chris Kelly Marketer
Joanne Woodgreen

I opted for a vistaprint website which I did not find too difficult. The main log screen is easy to navigate and set up email accounts etc. Did have a query for the web team getting set up and they were great. Had our small website set up in about a week by the time we got it the way we wanted. I update our website daily around my work duties.

Joanne Woodgreen Jnr Contract manager

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